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How To Insure And Keep Your Workers Safe In Business

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The safety of workers is important when it comes to running your business. Just as you’d want to ensure they are kept safe in the workplace, you also want to do what you can to look after your company.

With that being said, here are some helpful tips to insure your workers and keep your workers safe in business for 2024 and beyond.

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Look at What Insurance is Needed

There are many different types of business insurance that you could get, but not all of them will be needed for your business exactly. Some of the standard business insurances you’ll need to protect you and your business include:

  • General liability insurance – General liability insurance covers the business financially for any claims against bodily injury or property that’s damaged as a result of day-to-day operations. It may also cover copyright infringement and reputational harm, however, this is very much down to the policy you have in place.
  • Commercial property insurance – Commercial property insurance minimizes the financial impact of the damage that natural and man-made disasters could cause to your business’s physical assets on site. 
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  • Workers’ compensation insurance – This type of insurance helps to protect the company from having to pay for costs that result from job-related injuries and illnesses. Workers compensation insurance is something that almost all states in the US require legally.
Shop Around for Quotes

Shopping around for quotes is your next step when it comes to buying insurance. After all, there’s a lot out there and you’ll always find a better deal when you come to renew your insurance in most cases.

Take a look at what insurance you need and then take a closer look at all the companies available. Comparing these quotes will then help you decide on which company is best for the insurance you need.

Conduct Risk Assessments in the Workplace

Risk assessments are necessary when it comes to keeping your workers safe in the workplace. From the equipment to the general layout of the building. Conducting risk assessments is important to assess the risk factors in certain parts of the business whether it be a new piece of equipment a staff member is using, to a broken footpath outside the front door.

Liaise with your building operations and ensure everything is being done to risk assess everything that needs assessing as it crops up. This includes equipment and tools that are new and need risk assessment. 

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Work Closely With Your Building Operations Team

Your building operations team is an important team for your business and its workers. Working closely with them is useful to keep your workers safe. They’re responsible for operating the business premises and ensuring the premises are safe at all times.

With that being said, keep on top of the operations team where possible and ensure they’re doing everything possible to keep things ticking along. If they’re slacking, it might be necessary to pull up their socks for them.

Make Sure It’s a Safe Place to Work

Safety in general is always important to maintain when it comes to your business. So with that in mind, you want to keep on top of your staff when it comes to their own responsibility around the workplace.

Consider the policies you put in place to ensure your staff are picking up after themselves. It might be that you increase the cleaning schedules in order to stay on top of the mess that is often created in some work environments.

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If you’re able to encourage a healthy and clean workplace, then it’ll be better for your workers and their own health.

Have a Clear Health and Safety Policy

Talking of policies, health and safety policies are crucial to have in place to help make safety a priority for your staff members. These policies should be clear and concise, as well as putting them up and around the workplace for everyone to see. You should also give these to staff directly so that they have their own copy too.

This is important to have in place not only to protect your staff but to protect the business too. By handing them out, you’re making sure you cover all bases in order to stop the company running into legal trouble.

Insurance is essential for your business and so to keep your company and its people protected, you’ll want to get as much insurance to cover yourself in general. Keeping your workers safe is something that’ll help maintain a glistening reputation and keep your workers in the business for years to come.

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