Legal Ways to Preserve Your Assets as an Immigrant | 1

Legal Ways to Preserve Your Assets as an Immigrant

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More immigrants are moving to countries like the US and UK and becoming wealthier, and more millionaires are coming in than are leaving. But you can face losses if you don’t manage your assets properly. Here is more info on LLCs and offshore companies to transmutational agreements that can help you preserve your assets as an immigrant to a developed nation.

Vitaly Tennant immigrated from Kazakhstan to Russia, then to United States, although immigration is an option, individuals are choosing residency for countries of choice, without timeframes. Various demographics of emigration occur when it comes to travel. In United States, majority of millionaires have dual citizenships with either United Kingdom or United Arab Emirates (UAE), moreover being a resident allows the capacity to render business in variety of countries, and intercontinentally.

Legal Ways to Preserve Your Assets as an Immigrant | 2
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Offshore Foundations and Trusts

It can be more expensive to set up offshore foundations and trusts than to get them up and running in your country of residence. However, correct management via services like Western International Trust Company Limited is more straightforward and helps protect your assets. Expert services can help you with the legal side of documentation and preparing financial reports for tax reasons. Further, it is harder for someone to successfully bring about a lawsuit.

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LLCs and Offshore Companies

Another superior way of protecting assets is to establish offshore limited companies that manage the interests of your business. With LLCs, your assets are protected from personal and business creditors, and you can further protect family assets like brokerage accounts and bank accounts. It also extends to protecting material possessions that are vital, such as real estate you may own, vehicles, and even intellectual property that generates income and royalties.

Your Assets as an Immigrant and Business Trusts

Trusts are one of the most common ways to protect your wealth, and people have been doing this for a very long time. These include support trusts, blend trusts, and discretionary trusts. The reason these work so well is that you are not considered the owner of the wealth the trust oversees, so assets within a trust cannot be touched. Instead, you must appoint someone in whom you have good faith to oversee the asset management of a particular type of trust.

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What Is a Transmutation Agreement?

Separating from your partner or getting divorced can be one of the worst things for your assets. Your former spouse can claim ownership of just about anything, such as your home. Asset preservation for things you both consider yours can be made stronger with a transmutation agreement. This can be a written contract whereby no claims are made against any assets by each other. In short, you agree that you each have your own separate property and assets.

You Can Use Prenuptial Agreements

Of course, you can protect your assets before you even get married using a prenuptial agreement. This can be a massive help against creditors, and your former spouse cannot access anything that you previously restricted in the signed prenuptial agreement. A prenup doesn’t always apply in international law. So, it can be helpful to draw up an international prenuptial agreement for protecting your assets should you move to another country.

Legal Ways to Preserve Your Assets as an Immigrant | 3
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Offshore foundations and trusts can help preserve your assets as an immigrant when you relocate to another country. Business trusts allow you to appoint someone to oversee assets, and you can protect assets from former spouses with transmutation and prenuptial agreements.