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Transitioning From A Home Business To An Office

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You have spent the last few months or years working from home. During that time, you created a very successful home business. In fact, it’s so successful that you’re now considering a transition. You can no longer run the company from home as it is too big and has so many moving parts. Instead, you require some office space. 

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Transitioning from the home to an office can be overwhelming, but here are a few ideas to help you make a swift switch:

Do you need to bring anything with you?

In reality, only a few things need to be brought with you to the office. If you have a really nice computer or some physical servers, they should be brought with you. Anything heavy and bulky should be transported by the best removalist you can find in your area to ensure it doesn’t get broken. Go around your home office and pick all the things that can come, leaving everything else. 

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What needs to be bought for the office?

If you’re not bringing much with you, it means you’ll need to buy things to kit out your office. Some of the obvious things include: 

  • Work desks
  • Chairs
  • General office equipment

The number of things you need will depend on your staff. How many people are working there? If it’s just you and three other people, you only need four desks, four chairs, and four computers. You’ll then have to factor in other office equipment – like a printer, scanner, photocopier, etc. 

Also, think about adopting a “bring your own tech to work” policy. This way, workers bring in laptops – which saves money, allows them to work on something they’re used to, and can save energy in the office.

What internet service provider will you choose?
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This is arguably the biggest decision when you’ve chosen an office and decided to move in. Businesses run on the internet these days, so you need a very solid connection. Your internet service provider should be capable of handling enough bandwidth so the entire office can connect and browse at once. You need to ensure any video calls are crystal clear without stuttering. 

As such, you should be looking at commercial internet service providers. Don’t make the mistake of buying a regular plan that you may have at home – the browsing needs of an office far exceed what you had at your home business. 

Transitioning From A Home Business To An Office | | VT 3
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How will you lay out the office?

Office layouts are important as they can improve productivity and encourage collaboration. The exact layout you use will depend on how big your office is – and how many people work there. 

It’s worth looking at office layout ideas to understand the possible options and what might work best for you and your new workers. 

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Transitioning from a home business to a real office can feel very scary. There’s a lot on your plate, but these questions help you figure out what to do. Soon, you’ll be in your fresh new office with everything you need and a team of happy workers.

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