Valentus Leader Vitaly Tennant Explains Why Valentus is the Best Network Marketing Company

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Valentus Leader Vitaly Tennant Explains Why Valentus is the Best Network Marketing Company
  • An internationally scaled company with political, legal, NGO, and industry affiliation with key corporate personnel;
  • Revenues reserve into the millions of immediate liquidity (not a line of credit, debt instrument or venture capital) with zero debt;
  • Inventory reserves of millions on hand, at any time, to manage global demand;
  • An international Merchant Account with a 5A Company rating (less than 0.00001% companies have achieved this rating) with award winning anti-fraud software for regulatory compliance;
  • Globally recognized legal representation firms on retainer to protect your interests;
  • CGMP compliant manufacturing in FDA approved facilities, with redundancy to protect us;
  • Global payment processor that pays weekly, without holds or excessive depository/service fees;
  • An industry-leading logistics partner with global, custom shipping software for tracking and insurance benefit into 98 countries (and counting);
  • A custom, full-suite of attraction marketing software that is compliant, proven platform that offers unlimited scalability;
  • A robust representative backoffice reporting software with accuracy and zero offline interruption;
  • An undisputed, real family-like culture where everyone works together. It’s genuine.

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