Welcome. About me section is something I can usually write absolutely nothing or pretty much a lot about. Mainly I provide quality value, and I want you to know me as someone who you receive quality value from. (Short Version).

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(Long Version). I moved to the United States in 1995, and I didn’t understand or know the English language, I was in a new environment. Upon learning it, I knew that in order to win, I had to learn, therefore I established a personal motto: “win by learning”, and I love to win. Internet was a new concept to me, and pretty much to everyone I have come across with at the time when it came to computers, I remember receiving my first computer from a family friend, a college professor who no longer had a use for it. That led me to create my very first e-commerce website, I knew how to make one, I just didn’t know what to do with it after, and that was my first entrepreneurial venture in 1998. It would only be in the near future until I finally cracked the code, so to say, as to what to do after, and the traffic came. Of course, unfortunately, I entered the rat race, I got a job, it was horrible, I was bagging groceries, and it wasn’t something I did for just a week or a month, I had that job for two and a half years. Although in my off time I was relentless in pursuing my goals, I was always doing something online; many online ventures from startups to my own agency and company, some successful, others not so much, lots of failure, but that was good because I was failing forward. Success is determined by how fast you get up after failure. I ended up having a few more jobs, various positions from blue collar work, to cubicle work, up to a managing executive, and then selling my own franchises. No thank you, I didn’t want to do it because I was lacking the freedom in personal endeavors. Although in between that, I joined a company called Cutco, it was pure direct sales, and I became the number one sales representative in my region; it was not what I expected, and I was out of there after my promotion. Absolutely, I was continually growing my online base as I grew through all these various gigs, positions, and career choices. In 2008 I entered a network marketing company because I owned a prominent blog which was getting hundreds of thousands of unique views and I needed a product to feature. The company I was promoting simply faded, and as you would expect, I told everyone about it, online and offline. Although inherently solidifying my adherence with network marketing. As business goes, I was part of various panels and communities, and was featured in multiple publications, I was able to purchase my first house at a young age, I acquired various cars and toys, and I’ll never forget my first luxury car purchase on eBay with my online income. Also coming to an understanding of wealth; that the idea is not to look rich, but to be rich. Having it well made in my own way, I also went through a time frame where I lost pretty much everything I had, so it seemed; which came as a blessing in disguise to show me that I can get it all back, and more, and faster, and better. And I did. And that If I have to, I can certainly do it more. Meeting people along the way I am able to connect continually on a level of understanding and appreciation with others which propels a common bond to succeed forward. I enjoy collaborating with speaking engagements, internet stuff, network marketing, entrepreneurship, training sessions, think tanks, and expanding influence. When you see any links, advice, and sources of wisdom coming your way from me, I highly recommend that you take a look, subscribe, connect with me, and initiate action. Today, I continue to build, explore, accomplish, and create in abundance; while living life on my terms, and giving quality value to you along the way. Welcome.

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