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Have your content shared, and potentially seen by over 180 million people worldwide. Receive views from entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals who enjoy, and look forward to engaging and/or interacting with your accomplishments.

Fill in your information, with a link to the document article / content / post to Google docs, Dropbox, etc. You may also add your document (article / content / post) as an attachment. After your submitted content is reviewed you will receive an email with your permalink, of a successful submission once your content is live, and published.

These are the requirements for the content being submitted:

  • Valid contact information as filled in the form below
  • Unique content that hasn’t been published anywhere yet
    • All content is checked for duplicates, and entire copies by Grammarly
  • Minimum of 350 words
    • Unless it’s an infographic, or multimedia content
  • Minimum of 1 photo
  • Your content will be seen on VITALIZE networks, VTB, Triberr, socialmedia, metaverses, and blockchains after it is published on

You will receive your own authorbox / related content on below your article / content / post, which can include any links leading to you (contact information, social media profiles, websites, and so on) if you would like. Examples:

This additional exposure to you, your ideas, your brand, etc., can enhance your success, and your results. audience caters to investments of not necessarily to big names all the time, but to big ideas. Begin, with what you already have, and wherewithal will find its way to you.

Great connections via communications aren’t built in a day, they are built daily. Everyone is welcome to submit new content as many times by following the above guidelines.

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