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6 Essential Items For Your Office Maintenance Checklist

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Keeping your commercial office space clean and tidy is a significant collective responsibility. Unsurprisingly, research shows that workers feel more productive when working in a clean environment. Moreover, paying close attention to important hotspots around your office may help you prevent pricey repairs. Here is a monthly office maintenance checklist to help you stay on top of some routine tasks.ย 

6 Essential Items For Your Office Maintenance Checklist | VitalyTennant.com 2
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1 | Examine fire and security devices and make provisions for emergencies

Take steps to ensure the safety of your office and that you have supplies on hand in case of a storm or other incident that causes a power outage. Examine your security systems to ensure that it is operational. While at it, check the expiry dates on your fire extinguishers and test and replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are ready in the case of an emergency. 

2 | Maintain your landscaping 

Allowing weeds to grow freely can endanger your property, attracting pests and even being a fire hazard. Consider pruning and maintaining your landscape monthly to keep things neat and pests at bay. As a tip, work with a professional landscaper to achieve the desired outcome. 

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3 | Examine the gutters 

In trying to avoid flooding, gutters and downspouts move rain and melting snow away from your office building. Examine these important features for evidence of leaves or other blockages and fix any clogs or poor drainage. You will want to contact a drain unblocking professional for assistance cleaning gutters or correcting any damage. This is especially important for your autumn office care since falling leaves can accumulate in your gutters.

4 | Assess your entire property

Check any seldom-used or visible locations in your office once a month. To detect growing issues early, look for signs of insects, rodents, rot, leaks, or mold in the office. Keep an eye out for indicators of weakening or decay if you have huge trees on and around the property

5 | Stock up on cleaning supplies

It is a good idea to keep a list of office maintenance materials and check your inventory on a regular basis. When a major storm is predicted, locating the basic goods you may require to keep your office clean and your staff healthy might be difficult. Consider storing cleaning supplies and goods such as paper towels, sponges, cleaning wipes, and liquid soap. If you run out of these items during a crisis, your office maintenance routine may halt.ย 

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6 Essential Items For Your Office Maintenance Checklist | VitalyTennant.com 3
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6 | Examine major office systems

Even if you service your officeโ€™s major systems monthly, inspecting them for possible issues is a good idea. Pay extra attention to HVAC system maintenance during the winter months. Replace filthy filters to improve indoor air quality and the heater’s efficiency. Turn off your outside faucets and consider winterizing your water system when autumn approaches. 

Keeping your office in good order at all time is essential for increased productivity. Moreover, they will help prevent costly problems that can arise due to neglect. Hopefully, you will consider these tips to achieve the desired outcome.