Reworking Your Wardrobe for Sustainability | 1

Reworking Your Wardrobe for Sustainability

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Clothes can become expensive, and it isn’t responsible for buying more than you need because so many clothes are wasted each year, which can also be donated to good causes. So, here are some handy tips for reworking your wardrobe for sustainability in practical terms and saving.

Fill it with Hard Wearing Basics

There are clothing items that go with almost anything. In fashion, these are known as basics and can be a solid foundation for a stylish ensemble. You will already have tons of these in your wardrobe. They include t-shirts, blouses, and denim from your favorite jeans manufacturing company. You can use these with other layered garments for almost any occasion, and they all work well for work. But it helps to buy hard-wearing materials if you use them all the time.

Source from Sustainable Brands

The fashion and clothing industries have had a major shakeup over the last few years. And this includes being more responsible. Some have embraced this more than others, while new brands have also sprung up. Major celebrities such as Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Emma Watson are pioneers of sustainable fashion. These women do far more for the cause of sustainable fashion than established fashion houses such as Gucci, Armani, and Versace.

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Reworking Your Wardrobe for Sustainability | 2
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A Wardrobe for Sustainability is Multi-Seasonal

Finding clothes you love is essential so you can wear them for all seasons. This way, they get worn and not forgotten since we only wear around 20% of what we have for 80% of our time. Great examples include denim like jeans, shorts, and shirts. Fashion staples like these can be worn in most conditions, with some pairing, and won’t wear away. This also helps you save money and justifies you spending the cash on things you know you will get the most use out of. 

Repair Rather than Throw Away

It is a good thing to donate your unwanted clothes since they can be worn by others or traded for charitable money. So never throw them away. And if your clothes are damaged, why not learn how to sew and stitch rather than dispose of them? This not only means you can wear them again, but you will learn a valuable new skill. And when you get good at doing this, it will become possible for you to even add designs to your existing clothing with creative sewing.

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Care for Your Clothes Correctly

One of the main reasons clothes become damaged is because you don’t care for them correctly. All garments are different and require handling depending on the material. For example, you should never put cashmere in the washing machine. And a hot tumble dryer will shrink your cotton clothes. So always read the labels for the correct care instructions, and follow them precisely. With the correct care, there is no reason why your clothes cannot last almost forever.


A wardrobe for sustainability can help save the environment and your digital wallet. Hard-wearing basics like jeans are a great base and can be worn all year round with care.

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