financial improvements begin with you, today, the future is now #vitalizeone

How Can You Improve Your Finances For The Future?

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It’s sensible to think about more than the here and now when it comes to your finances. Being organized and planning for the future can set you up for success and provide you with more security, so it is always worth thinking about. Here are some ideas for going about it. 

financial improvements begin with you, today, the future is now #vitalizeone
Boost your income

Most people will need a full time job to be able to sustain any kind of reasonable lifestyle such as paying bills and keeping a roof over their heads. And getting a better, higher paying job isn’t always easy, you might be able to work your way up but it’s common to end up stuck in a job with no progression because it’s secure. You know by keeping it you can afford everything you need, even if it doesn’t leave you with a huge amount extra. One option would be to take on education such as part time, online courses outside of your working hours so you can gain the qualifications you need to move up or apply for better work. Another option is to start a side hustle (or multiple side hustles!) Start a blog, or join a freelance writing site and write articles to earn money. Monetize your skills and start a home based business based off any hobbies you have, whether it be painting or baking or graphic design. Having an additional source of income can help you to pay off any debts quicker, save more easily or just have a backup source of income if you have an expensive month or find yourself between work for any length of time. 

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Live within your means

Living within your means requires organization and willpower. It involves budgeting and planning to ensure that you’re not overspending. It means building up a savings buffer to protect yourself against any financial hardship, and not using things like loans, credit cards or store cards for frivolous purchases. Living within your means today will help your financial situation tomorrow and in the future. It might mean buying a cheap, affordable car rather than taking out a huge amount of finance to get a flashy sports car. It might mean saving for a few years to go on a simple holiday, rather than taking out a bank loan to go on a fancy holiday that you’ll spend years paying back and a fortune on interest. It might mean being frugal at Christmas and spending a sensible amount on gifts and luxuries instead of blowing out credit cards and then struggling for months to pay off massive interest payments. It doesn’t mean that life can’t be fun and exciting, it often just means more planning and careful budgeting. 

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When you live within your means, particularly if you have additional sources of income alongside your regular day job then it becomes easier to save. Have funds put away for a rainy day, this protects you financially if you experience any difficult times with money. If you’ve reached a stage where your savings are doing well, then start looking into investments. These will make your money work harder for you, and perform much better than savings sitting in the bank if it’s done right. Get the advice of a professional; most financial advisors are all the same, so your best bet would be to find one that does personalized wealth management. Here’s an example.

Buy your house

Buying your house is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. It will save you from wasting money on rent, and protects you in your old age. Once your mortgage has been paid the house is yours, which gives you a lot of security when you’re no longer earning a wage. Getting on the property ladder can be really tough, but it’s definitely something to aim to do if you can, as paying for a mortgage is often cheaper than paying rent, and you have something to show for it at the end of it. Even if it takes you years to save for a deposit, work out how much you’ll need and how much you will need to save to meet that goal. Focus on improving your credit score so you have the best chance of getting accepted and getting the best rates when you do. You can do this by making sure all payments are made on time, and using any credit you have carefully.

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One way that some people find they are able to get on the property ladder is to buy property at auction. These properties may have been subject to foreclosure or perhaps the previous owner had no one to leave it to. When buying at auction, you might be able to get a great deal on a house, although you must have funds in place immediately. Take a look at Concierge Auctions reviews to see if this might be something that would work for you.

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