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Just like the title says, it doesn’t matter how much you know anyway, it’s what type of action you take with your knowledge. Now, wisdom …

95/5 network marketing principle and rule nwm

95/5 Network Marketing Principle/NWM Rule

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The number of people involved in network marketing is not insignificant. And even more so have heard about NWM but don’t really know what it …

NFL – No Friends / Family Left club in Network Marketing

NFL – No Friends / Family Left club in Network Marketing

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Well, you may have heard from others about the NFL club, “NFL” meaning No Friends/Family Left club [this term continues to crack me up] as …

Network Marketing Pyramid

Network Marketing Pyramid

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Sometimes I don’t write a lot… sometimes I do. Let’s see what happens here. To me a pyramid is one of the strongest shapes out … vitaly tennant opulence wealth scam broke money success lifestyle leadership featured

An idea of a SCAM could be related to something more practical

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