NFL – No Friends / Family Left club in Network Marketing

NFL – No Friends / Family Left club in Network Marketing

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Well, you may have heard from others about the NFL club, “NFL” meaning No Friends/Family Left club [this term continues to be humorous] as you do network marketing. Even though those naysayers and/or haters do not realize and comprehend the fact of how many more friends, more contacts, and more relationships are cultivated via network marketing. It’s extremely lucrative. Thoroughly enjoy the work necessary with the people you meet; the relationships, the connections, and just all around atmosphere of individuals who are open minded while growing your network marketing business.

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Strategize for Success

Granted, it’s not a good idea to pressure, beg, or guilt trip people into your business… if you’re doing that right now, just stop. It’s not professional. But if you’re going to tell your friends and family about your business, then do it, people talk anyway, and what a great conversation to have about an exciting new venture that you’re doing! Definitely share it. And then be strategic about it, don’t say anything else about it until you’re asked. It may be a day, a week, a month, or a year… or even longer. Since you’re a professional, you don’t need to wait on those people, get out there and connect with more people.

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Thinking Long Term

Network marketing isn’t a get rich quick scheme, therefor there isn’t a timeframe for your success.

Don’t compare yourself to others, because no one knows on what chapter of their “book” they are coming in on. You may be on chapter 3 per se, and are still working, growing, and experiencing all the phases and levels of your NWM business. Yet someone else can join and rank all the way up very quickly because they are on a further “chapter” of their book.

Put Your Head Down and Work

Your own path should be your only focus.

Such as the following analogy; you are on your own lane, running your own race, put your blinders on and focus on what you need to be doing. Like the horses on the racetrack that have their blinders on the side of each of their eyes so they can only see forward and not be distracted by other horses.

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Work Smart and Hard

Back to the NFL club, one key element that will skyrocket your NWM business is that when you leave your friends and family alone your business will grow, guaranteed. It’s that simple. Get out of your comfort zone and start building relationships with individuals. There are friendships, partnerships, entrepreneurships, relationships, stewardships, etc. and the only thing that holds them all together is communication.