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Just like the title says, it doesn’t matter how much you know anyway, it’s what type of action you take with your knowledge. Now, wisdom is important. Although don’t feel pressured to know everything to experience lifestyle, success, and leadership you always want.

Begin with what you have; wherever you are now.

First and foremost, when it comes to Network Marketing/NWM I’m a lifetime 7 figure earner. I chose not be attached to a company as an independent representative (working with corporate is different); furthermore, I do utilize the skillset, and I continually train and pass it on.

Network marketing doesn’t discriminate (or at least it shouldn’t). We all receive the same website and services, in nwm it doesn’t matter what your gender, politics, religion, favorite color, etc. is, in essence it doesn’t discriminate. What matters is your mindset and your skillset. NWM is simply an additional form of distribution.

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Take a closer look at nwm here. I started part time back in 2008. Then went all in in Dec. 2011. I highly recommend that you listen to the podcast episodes at the post link I just mentioned. That little post contains about 12 years of my ongoing knowledge and experience. You can definitely speed up your income with it.

I remember the time when I received this award on stage at the Mandalay Bay arena. Las Vegas was packed with over 35,000 independent distributors that day. And when one of the leaders asked the audience “how’s everyone doing?” Everyone yelled “Oglicious!” and I owned Definitely epic.

The thing is people look at awards or successful people like they just dropped out of the sky having all these things. Not the case. Hard work and tremendous amounts of working hard is almost a prerequisite. I know you probably didn’t want to hear that, but if you’re reading this, you’re already a leader or on your way of becoming one. If not, then press the x button and move along.

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Great! You’re still here. Congratulations! You are already the best.

When I received this Mercedes Benz, it was considered a free vehicle from a compensation plan of a nwm company I was doing. Let me tell you this, if it’s free it’s not worth it, and if it’s worth it… it’s not free. Moral here; work, and this car wasn’t free, but a good incentive.

Nwm is mostly done online these days, that’s why I was always incorporating affiliate marketing. Although many market places have evolved, and some have rebranded.

All I had to do was click ‘publish’ back then and a post would automatically go live on one of my web properties, and I just got paid.

Of course you can always sell your online property (domain, app, website, etc.) on marketplaces like and/or I sold one online property for 320k USD with few others cashing out instantly via escrow.

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On the poll ended with me being in the top 10, and I always appreciate everyone I’m involved with. Needless to say, a lot of people came forth during this poll.

Then I figured it was a good time for me to start my own network marketing company with a few partners.

Ending up totally in debt over 700k USD.

Not because of my partners but because we were opening up countries that only wanted our money and did not care about the progress of the company itself.

I don’t complain, cause and impact go hand in hand, it’s always a good idea to understand that success is a moving target. It’s an ongoing progress.

Luckily everything recovered tenfold.

With that experience I consulted a few companies with guidance to vertical growth. I was also able to work, dissect, and enhance compensation plans. Understanding many facets of our industry.

Content is king, putting out as much content as you can is advisable. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to be number one, you just have to be better today than you were yesterday. Get to creating content and publishing it… everywhere, there are just too many people for you not to be noticed. Having a blog or being part of a blogging network will give you the exposure you’ve been looking for. Triberr is a great connector, although there are many. Just have your F.O.C.U.S. Follow One Course Until Success (to keep in mind on what you’re doing). Although honestly, you can follow many courses and directions (heading to your destination, without any confusion), as long as you know where you are headed and what your end goals are. Usually, what many successful people do is they number their goals from 1 to 10, 1 being their main priority to 10 being the least prioritized. Then, simply remove the rest of your goals except for the top 3, some people just keep their top 1. Focus on that. Once attained, make sure you know how to keep and maintain that which you gained.

Always be prepared.

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When you’re at your worst, prepare for the best.

When you’re at your best, prepare for the worst.

One time I showed up at my friend’s place asking to sleep on a couch, I was questioned “didn’t you like just make a million dollars?” I answered “yes”.

Oh the life of an entrepreneur.

Always be prepared.

In nwm it is said that the person who gets the mic gets all the money, as leaders we should hand the mic off to others so they can too share their insight, duplication is key.

I hope you enjoyed this partial memory lane of the past, post of mine. In reality; I don’t hope (with my eyes closed), I put in the work necessary.

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Further, marketing exploration can take you places, just for fun… here I’m at Saudi Arabian embassy, an interesting fact about the country is it has the first robot citizen in the world named Sophia.

Being an entrepreneur, I like to prioritize crypto, tech, and space.

Understandably, understanding that in order for a fulfilled lifestyle, success, and leadership one isn’t required to know everything. Now let’s get to taking action.

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