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Abundance, Wealth, and Prosperity

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What does it mean to be abundant? And do you know the difference between being wealthy, abundant, and prosperous?, vitaly tennant, abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

Some people crave these things and spend most of their time dreaming about having them, but very few spend time actually defining what these 3 things really mean to them.

How can you get more abundant, prosperous, or wealthy if you don’t know what is abundant, prosperous, or wealthy looks like for you?

Each of these can be experienced differently, and to help you out, I’ve put together a handy breakdown so you can tell the difference between them. Once you know which is which, and you can identify which mindset you’re currently in, it will be much easier to train your mind to think abundantly, so you can feel prosperous and wealthy at all times.

Let’s get started.

Wealthy Mindset: To some, it may mean having a certain amount in their wallet/exchange. And to some, it might mean never having to worry about money again.

However, the important thing to know is that money is only a vehicle for getting you the “things” that you want.

Investing is easy, there are so many options available to you such as, crypto, defi, stocks, bonds, and fixed index annuities to name a few. While investing is a great road to wealth there is a greater purpose behind it and you must force yourself to become introspective.

Ask yourself… Do you know what you want?

One really good way to define this, is to ask yourself “what are the things that I would do or get if I had unlimited wealth?” or “what would it take to say to myself ‘I am now wealthy’, or ‘I am now rich.’”?

Sometimes we tend to forget the real reason why we want more money in the first place. You may think that you crave more money, but it’s actually what you’ll be able to do once you have lots of it that’s important.

In other instances, we may think that we need YX9 amount of money to be truly successful, while a complete picture of what true wealth and success should look like is contained in a…

Prosperity Mindset: Even though by definition this word means happy, honest, successful, and peaceful, it’s also a state of mind.

Prosperity, more than a collection of material things, is the complete package. Living a prosperous life or having a prosperity mindset relies on achieving and maintaining a great quality of life.

Abundance Mindset: This type of mindset is based on the belief that there’s more than enough of everything, for everyone. And all that’s required is an ability to see things as they truly are and not by a sense of lack.

Having an abundance mindset, rather than a scarcity mindset, can be a determining aspect in your life, not only in how you live it but also in how you lead it. This could actually change your entire life, as changing what you believe to be true often becomes your reality.

An abundance mindset often leads to more happiness, fulfillment, and less attachment to negative emotions like depression, anger, and fear.

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Vitaly Tennant
Owner & Founder | CEO at VITALIZE