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An idea of a SCAM could be related to something more practical

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It’s true, you can lose money when it comes to investing and/or doing business, although the reality is that if you don’t try you’ll never know, and if you don’t ask any questions the answer will always be no. Go for it. Win by learning.

The reality of most people who “don’t make it” are those who quit. It’s not the fault of a business, a company, and investment, or a venture that you’re in, most likely the reason for your failure is you. In my experience it’s ok to take a break as long as you don’t quit, if you begin to tune out of your business, then you’ll be out of tune and failure and quitting are soon thereafter. Ups and downs are natural in all aspects, in fact I’ve accumulated much wealth during those down times because the nature of most people is to give up at an early sign of defeat, although just like many things of evolution in all that extra effort exerted will put you ahead. It’s not always about proving them wrong all the time, but proving yourself right to you.

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Still Confused About Money

Individuals are no longer confused about money and wealth when they have recognized the fact that scared money does not make any money.

Take a look around to increase your wealth, and mindset.

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