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Vitaly Tennant started in the online business back in 1998, when the internet was still in its infancy. Although he was so young at the time, this, along with the adversity he faced growing up, gave him the skills and experience to move forward in the business world. Since then, he has always been involved in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ventures, taking a particular liking in network marketing because he sees it as an equal playing field for everyone involved.

“Your background, gender, religion, politics, and everything else for the most part; none of it matters when it comes to nwm, everyone gets the same websites and services and it’s up to the individual to succeed. Why do some perform better than others you may ask? It all has to do with mindset, desire, and commitment, and that is why I continually enjoy the network marketing space,” Vitaly says. 

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Vitaly works in many different fields. He started the hashtag #vitalizeone, which is trending among everyday people, athletes, and celebrities alike. He also has #vitalizeone merchandise. The word vitalize means ‘to give energy and power to’. In addition, his podcast, The Vitaly Tennant Show can be found on any podcasting platform and it has surpassed over 100k downloads in just a few months. 

While working in so many different areas, Vitaly was motivated to start his business simply because he enjoys seeing others around him succeed. 

“Leaders create more leaders, and everything ultimately relies on leadership. When a person makes a decision to go all in for what they want, then there is no stopping it, and I absolutely have a strong desire to support that in others,” Vitaly explains. 

While motivation is great, Vitaly also sees the value in inspiration, which he sees as similar but longer lasting. 

“I like the word inspire because even though motivation is important, it fades, that’s why people need to be motivated every day, just like food, mental food is important, inspiration is lasting and I am inspired daily to be the best version of myself to the tasks at hand,” Vitaly says. 

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But Vitaly also knows that even with all the motivation and inspiration in the world, starting your own business is not without endless challenges. Although they make the trip to the top more difficult, Vitaly understands that they are a necessary part of the journey. 

“Most people who are at the top, didn’t get there by sitting and doing nothing. The best way to look at challenges is to see what you can take away from them, the successful are determined by how fast they get up after being knocked down,” Vitaly says.

Being able to overcome obstacles, however, is what sets Vitaly apart. In addition, he is able to set himself apart from competition by knowing that what others say about him does not truly reflect the success he sees on the inside. 

“It doesn’t matter what is being said about me, in my mind which reflects on the outside, I have always been the best, and I will always be the best, and I believe that shines in what I do. Even though I see my competition, I’m just too busy to look at it,” Vitaly says. 

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This intense focus toward a goal, and away from competition, is what keeps Vitaly headed toward success. He sees success as a goal that’s always changing – something you must always be acquiring. While this makes it more difficult to obtain, it also becomes incredibly more fulfilling when you do. 

“It is like joy and happiness, it’s something that is already there with you, it’s not something you find or attain, success is a moving target, once you reach it, there is something else to attain, so always be in a successful mindset with whatever you do,” Vitaly says. 

Stay up to date with Vitaly on his Instagram, or reach out to Vitaly at his website to connect!

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