Civilization Level Types Hypothesization | NFTs by v1ct0r | | #vitalizeone

Civilization Level Types Hypothesization

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Civilization Level Types Hypothesization | NFTs by v1ct0r | | #vitalizeone
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As energies, frequencies, and vibrations are explored in further detail via many sources, and resources, it’s only beneficial to mention our civilization level types, and possibilities attainable by accounting what we can achieve theoretically, with hypothesizing emphasis on evolution. After all, nothing is permanent except change.

Before civilization level types are listed, it’s advisable to also think in terms of how it ends, then prolongs, rather than how it started, otherwise we won’t advance as humans in terms of productivity because time, and tide waits for no human, yet everything gets done as intended. And could nature either be complexly or simply be only future reversing itself. Since singularity is a topic within itself of further study.

The idea of civilization types originated from the Kardashev scale by Nikolai Kardashev, then modified by Carl Sagan few years later, and it propagates to date. Although civilization level types go from 0 to 6 via the Kardashev scale, there are many more individuals who have hypothesized even further, such as science communicators like Ray Kurzweil, Michio Kaku, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Aubrey de Gray, Nick Bostrom, and many more physicists, futurists, and transhumanists. 

Civilization Level Types Hypothesization | NFTs by v1ct0r | | #vitalizeone
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Transhumanism is a mindset you should be accustomed with because it involves humanity’s level of thinking to explore the unknown, while coming together on issues of current existence, and longevity.

We have yet to reach level 1 in terms of our civilization type, so we’re still at level 0 (.something), and how it looks today, is how we see it. Unfortunately, for the majority of humans, the educational curve moves exceptionally slow, and it’s due to their own limiting beliefs. Just because an individual has a smartphone, does not make one smart. Adherence advances encompassing branches of spirituality / tech / science have a curve being almost vertically up, which requires humans to take their own initiative to want to learn about themselves, and those around them, optimistically. The future is here, and now, it’s just not distributed equally. Even though schooling ends, education does not, individuals must know how to be self-inspired, and motivated to want to be ambitious, and enthusiastic to want to pick up education that surrounds us everyday, and everywhere. Wherever there is a will, there is a way.

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Civilization level type 1 will be reached much sooner than expected, yet many scientists speculate varied time scales. Some think it will happen a decade from now, others a century, NASA indicates otherwise. How will we know? By education, and increasing densities of human evolution to understand, and utilize epigenetics, and eugenics. It is happening, and it’s a good thing. 

Here is a list of civilization level types, understandably, every number is fractionalized (e.g. 0.3, 1.8, 2.2, etc.), even though it is listed as a whole numeral in these overviews. 

Civilization Type 0

Extracts its energy, information, and raw materials solely from planetary resources, and can travel beyond its home planet.

Civilization Type 1

Can use, and store the equivalent of all of the energy in, and reaching its home planet, and become interplanetary.

Civilization Type 2

Can harness the total energy equivalent of an entire star’s output, and become interstellar.

Civilization Type 3

Can control energy equivalent on the scale of an entire galaxy, and become intergalactic.

Civilization Type 4

Can control the energy equivalent of its home universe, have instantaneous travel, and manipulate / persuade the fabric of spacetime.

Civilization Type 5

Can travel / explore from their universe of origin, and explore the multiverse, and have time travel to the future.

Civilization Type 6

Can exist in an infinite amount of simultaneous multiverses, and instances, with unlimited spacetime travel.

Civilization Type 7

Co-creator-level alikeness travel, and persuasion of universes, multiverses, and megaverses.

As civilization level types continue to be explored via communication, communications, and discussions, let’s notate that creativity may be infinite, yet not all of it may be good.

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Civilization Level Types Hypothesization | NFTs by v1ct0r | | #vitalizeone
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Notate that this is hypothesization, and it’s only of human nature to explore the unknown. Fraction of intelligence is to differentiate from what is real, and from what is not. By translation, someone who explores their mindset is no different than the one who does not in terms of belief. Albert Einstein pointed out during his lifetime that for an individual being content is to understand a life that can be lived in such a way as to everything being a miracle, or as to nothing being a miracle.

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