Upgrading Your Landing Page 4 Approaches for a Bigger Collision img by v1ct0r #vitalizeone VitalyTennant.com

Upgrading Your Landing Page: 4 Approaches for a Bigger “Collision”

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The most important part of any business website is its landing page. Advertising your business is always going to boost sales and drive leads, but you need to have a landing page that is short, sharp, to the point, and inspires people to get in contact with you. A landing page needs to cover a lot of ground, so what are the things you need to do to give it a major upgrade? 

Upgrading Your Landing Page 4 Approaches for a Bigger Collision img by v1ct0r #vitalizeone VitalyTennant.com
Hitting Their Pain Points

Customers need to see that you are solving their problems in a matter of sentences. There is a lot to be said for highlighting why a company is going to deliver when it comes to those pain points. This drywall repair company provides detailed information relating to drywall problems, but we have to remember that their pain points are going to be unique to them. We will deliver a specialized service, but if we are to stand any chance of a customer getting in contact with us, we’ve got to address those common pain points right away and show how we solve them. 

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Amazing Imagery

It can be so easy to go for stock photography, but if you want to make a massive impression on your landing page, you’ve got to remember that people are more likely to skim a web page and find the most important points to them. However, if you show an image that really does strike the right balance, they’re going to slow down their scrolling and hang around more. The best thing you can do is to create imagery that relates to your business rather than opting for stock photography. Spend time with a quality photographer and ensure that it is aesthetically pleasing. 

Optimize It for Mobile

Most websites are already optimized for mobile but there comes a point where certain aspects of a landing page don’t gel properly with its mobile counterpart. Videos are a good example and in this case, you may opt for a far more streamlined landing page. Making sure that the website contains all of the relevant information and promotional materials like videos and blogs are crucial, but the landing page has to be very simple and streamlined. It also needs to not be full to the brim with text, especially when it comes to the rules of SEO

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Get Two Sentences Right

Every sentence is crucial in your landing page, but you have to remember the opening sentence and the closing one are the sentences that hook the reader. These are the ones that are going to keep your customers intrigued. This is something you can outsource to freelance writers, but if you do this, you must remember that these writers need to have an inherent understanding of your business. They can craft creative content and give you amazing and insightful wordplay, but it all boils down to those two sentences. 

The landing page is the most important part of a website because it is the gateway. If you really want to make an impact on customers, upgrading your landing page beyond what it’s already doing will make a massive difference to the overall quality of the website and the business.

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