Update: Own a Piece of VitalyTennant.com brand image by v1ct0r

Update: Own a Part of VitalyTennant.com Brand

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Those continually tuning in, and interacting with VitalyTennant.com brand have followed the journey for many years as the brand evolves, and it will continuously do so. Here is a quick update:

Update: Own a Piece of VitalyTennant.com brand image by v1ct0r
How to Start to Own a Part of VitalyTennant.com

To own a fraction of VitalyTennant.com brand via non-fungible tokens (NFTs), all you have to do is go to vitaly.cent.co, then click collect on media files (such as images) you want to own, after subscribing, if you haven’t already done so. Once you press collect; your NFT, in a form of a media file becomes minted on the blockchain, and becomes yours forever to utilize as you’d like, such as holding (hodling), trading, bartering, selling, auctioning, and so on.

Update of Utilization

Currently the timeframes are not available for this particular portion of the update. Owners of their NFTs will have an option to utilize their NFTs for further rewards, in conglomeration with VITALIZE networks. The following can be expected, and this is all optional for the NFT owners. The NFTs have not been chosen yet. NFT holders who see certain updates will be able to utilize their NFTs to receive free shipping, or products on the tangible spectrum of VITALIZE. Intangibly, those who have collected their NFTs can already send them to any crypto address via Opensea and/or Rarible from their Cent dashboard. Observably, as mentioned earlier, on the intangible spectrum of VITALIZE, NFT owners who choose to, will be able to stake their NFTs, and also utilize them in the metaverse. This is years ahead in the making, and as mentioned, timeframes are not available. Additionally, you are absolutely welcome to do whatever you’d like with your NFT(s) as aforementioned, after all, they are yours forever. #vitalizeone

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Begin Anytime and Whenever

Those who want to experience staking, boosters, utilize lucrative crypto ecosystems, and reap rewards currently (as in now, for those who can’t wait, and are able to), can do so via CSC | Crypto Security Circle. All are welcome, and encouraged to join, if you want.

[writing in 3rd person now, although with the latest website upgrade, you are also able to listen to certain content] v1ct0r is an alias / avatar used by Vitaly Tennant for the nature of decentralization of web evolution, such as web3, metaverses, defi, gamefi, and let’s not forget, fun [finished 3d person communication / communications].

For those interested in all things crypto, check out the crypto tab as well as CEC | Crypto Exclusive Circle, it’s free for everyone in essence to engage with by creating accounts, and / or joining communities. When the word “free” is used, it is also understood that your time isn’t free, and by utilizing your actionable habits you are able to get ahead with optimistically skillful habits of always winning by learning. Thank you for being you, and engaging with the VitalyTennant.com brand.

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