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Wealth… The Riches; Based on Habits, Character, and Mindset

My thought on wealth… the idea isn’t to look rich, but to be rich.
Many people who start out make excessive purchases, and then find themselves in a bind with bills, food, living expenses, online expenses, ads, etc. Understand that this is a journey, it doesn’t happen overnight, living past the hype is an understanding, and growing into the person of wealth is based on habits, character, and mindset. Set the standard to success as soon as possible and prepare your mindset to live for the journey ahead starting now, ups and downs are inevitable; how you respond o/r react will determine the outcome of your success., Vitaly Tennant, Lifestyle, Gucci, Marketing, Advertising

When I was younger I purchased a house, had 5 cars, accumulated some debt, and realized that it wasn’t satisfying, because if I wanted to do more I would accumulate more debt, which inevitably would slow me down. Then it hit me, I don’t need all these things right away, I am building an empire, a business, something that is a lasting success. This was many years back, I had to let go of things that were weighing me down. Because honestly, motivation fades, some people who go to seminars get fired up, run around in circles high fiving each other, and then after the event they are back at their miserable work, hating life, waiting for the weekend. What has to happen is self-inspiration/self-motivation, something has to click and set your eternal fire, goals so strong and big that nothing can stop you. That hunger that prevails over anything, you have to live it, breath it, and consume it. It’s simple, just know that you’ll achieve it. Although understand that it takes more than wishing. The time for action is now.

Vitaly Tennant, Wealth... The Riches; Based on Habits, Character, and Mindset

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