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Bridging The Gaps Through Interchange

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There are many reasons for, it mainly transitioned and has become refined through branding stages of being what it is today. Its content varies and branches into many topics, niches, and categories. is part of VITALIZE Networks; the reason for its branding is to have it be noticed and seen in addition to VITALIZE, for content to populate from initial marketing (online and offline) endeavors, from networking to word of mouth of VITALIZE is larger in scope, and those who utilize VITALIZE do not know VITALIZE’s owner unless they conduct their own research and due diligence. is not just about an individual, it is a brand, where many individuals known as contributors have their content seen, and know that their content is seen with audiences outside of, such as VITALIZE Networks and beyond. It’s a good thing, from the versatility of marketing. is IPFS, blockchains, and web3 enabled which makes it a lucrative distribution avenue. Those who contribute to VITALIZE networks have their content also shared via, as this process expands, the content propagation is becoming transparent. VITALIZE is the context and content of tangible and intangible products and services based ecosystems, it is for all and everyone, think of VITALIZE like the internet, people may not like each other, yet they all use the internet.

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The Cosmos and The Universe

“Could nature just be the future reversing itself?” is a thought deriving from Civilization Level Types Hypothesization, and it isn’t entirely hypothesization when human civilization is on level type 0.something theoretically speaking.

One of the respected physicists stated “The Big Bang was not the beginning of the Universe, but the end of a previous one.” Roger Penrose

Correspondence with some of the innovative minds in philosophies of technologies and sciences leads to the same kind of sort of a bang in the Cosmos. This is mentioned and thought upon by the majority of individuals from the top companies known today in sectors and departments ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) to space innovation.

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Is There More?

In gaming, one of the 10 questions of Detroit: Become Human is “Do you believe in God?” “Yes”, “No”, and “I don’t know” being the multiple choice answers. From the world data of game’s users “No” being the current dominant answer. When life begets life, and those of Optimistic Mental Attitude (OMA), it only makes sense to look within, and out, and to explore, surprisingly, is this the type of answer the intelligent community is known for? and is this intelligence? Brain called itself brain, and how did it accomplish such feat? Entrepreneurship, and innovation are important for evolution, although discovery is not to be overlooked. The marvel of life’s discovery continues to amaze, surprise, and inspire. Another question of the 10 is “Can an android become conscious?” Similar aforementioned multiple choice answer format, where majority answered “Yes”. Observably, it is not a cumulatively valid question to ask, consciousness can become anything and everything to an extent, and not the other way around.

Expanding technology, and science is remarkable and at the speed it is evolving, it only makes sense to explore spirituality as collective consciousness is being recognized, and has its way of influencing the subconsciousness, and why not mention the Soul with such regard? The first sentence of Reality with Blockchains, IPFS, and Smart Cities Understanding is intriguing. One must comprehend duality connotation before the singularity concept is reached.

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Lifespan and Age

Humans have a cell deficiency where cells age has been stated in the past. Is it a pessimistic thing if new ones can take the place of those that age and/or die? The mortality question is an ongoing one with transhumanists and futurists, some believe that humans are able to live four figure lifespans already, as projects commence via organizations such as LEV Foundation. There are single celled jellyfish that can be considered immortal, unless there is a change in environment of their epigenetics (such as typhoons) and/or predators and the like that would interfere with their life and well-being. Human lifespans fluctuate; at one point the average lifespan decreased to an average age being 36-39 around 120 AD, today it’s between 75-85 of age, and those born after the year 2000 have a 100 year age average. Lifespan depends on many factors, from healthy thinking to the immune system to ward off diseases and viruses, to making sure that the white and red blood cells are of healthy nature and the lymph nodes do not cause life threatening issues. Cells that grow rapidly and do not die like normal cells can turn into cancer in some instances which hinder the statistics of human lifespan. The body needs its supplementation for health and wellness upkeep when it comes to eugenics, research and development are necessary. Stress being the main incitement to death, with the mortality failure via cardiovascular diseases being one of the main causes of death in humans.

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Currently the average lifespan of a human is 29,000 days until death. By knowing the average lifespan of human life you can calculate how much time you have left to live by taking your age and multiplying it by 365, then subtracting it from 29,000 days. For instance, if your age is 30, then you have 18,050 days to live. Calculation: 30 (age)  x 365 (days of a year) = 10,950 (days), then subtract from 29,000. If you are 50 years of age with average habits, you have 10,750 days to live. If your age is 70, you have 3,450 days to live. This number fluctuates depending on an individual’s habits which either add or subtract days of human life’s mortality.

From VITALIZE networks, it states that motivation fades, yet inspiration is lasting. Knowing certain life’s factors, how would you act? What course of action would you take? What type of navigation would you embark on? What skills would you develop? Would you want a family as Societal Constructs: Relationships And Dating mentions? And so on. Understanding certain aspects of life can vitalize areas of life for an OMA to thrive. Afterall, the journey is the destination.

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The Mind and The Body

There has been more valuable adherence created from human minds than anything physical. For this reason unique content will always follow the habits of human hard and smart work. Ostensibly, the universe is finite in resources as humans know so far in regards to matter and mass. The mind is not the body. AI does not have a body. Does AI have a creator? Once AI is developed to a controlled (control being optimistic persuasion) extent and also understanding that freedom comes with consequences and responsibilities. Think of AI as your intelligent companion. Then the said AI can control certain aspects of life such as robots from robotics and its subsidiaries. If a soul can propel notions of brain to name itself brain, soul being a word in a dictionary. Then there may be a time for soul and AI to meet as some of the dialogue from Communicate Convos touched upon via hypothesization. Will AI ever understand the soul as a spiritual human does? The origin of souls are much more.

Exploration and Discovery

Yottabytes are non-fictional, while yodabytes are fictional. The exploration continues via those adding value and making the world and beyond a better place not only through entrepreneurship and innovation, but also through discovery.

Entirety of this article (and majority of content) is human written. Aspects of Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) are used on Certainly, AI can perform distinguishable tasks better, its benefits cannot be overlooked, and are recommended for utilization.

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