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Laying the Foundation to Destiny; Growth Mindset, Penny a Day Analogy

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When it comes to building, or creating anything for that matter: first we have to have a plan for the set goals in place.

The foundation has to be built, a lot of times it has to be re-built. Our social conditioning comes from many factors and associations.

Habits Are Necessary

Ultimately it all stems from our being, we have to have our thoughts in order, words examined, take affirmative actions, experience optimistic habits, evolve by solidifying our character, and as the why (what is your why?) is determined, finally, the destiny comes to fruition.

Results skyrocket when the initial foundation is built. That’s why I like the Penny a Day example. It truly shows the leverage of compound effects.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Coming to finances, this analogy can be summarized with the chart below… a simple penny a day formula, where a penny doubles every day:

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Watch what happens to a Penny that Doubles every day.

With reality setting in at making 1 penny a day; after a week, on the 8th day it’s only $1.28, most people would have quit. After two weeks, on day 15 it’s only $163.84, by that point, for those who have hung in there have definitely quit. Those who have faith, belief, and passion are the ones who continue with the process. Just 5 days later, at day 20, the penny is now doubling at $5,242.88, and then you see the rest. Day 25 at $167,772.16. Finally, day 30 at $5,368,709.12. Imagine if that month has 31 days, then this number would be a staggering $10,737,418.24.

Experience, Overview, and Intricacy

Everyone has to go through their own trials and tribulations. What you may be going through is a refinement to a better lifestyle aligning with the reality you have in mind for yourself. For some; in order to get the new, they have to let go of the old. And the timeframe with the timeline varies per individual.

What happens if you double a penny every day for a month.
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By taking actionable steps everyday towards your end goals in mind you can see that at first the results may not be what you’re looking for. Although that’s not the case at all.

You have to know that what you’re doing is working. Just Know.