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What You Should Look For In A Safe Workplace

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Bodies like OSHA mandate that everyone has the right to a safe workplace. However, this is not always the case. Many businesses will identify and exploit shortcuts that help them get around common safety demands to save money or accelerate projects. This issue can put you and other workers at risk, which is why it’s so crucial to know what to look for in a safe workplace to feel confident and comfortable while at work. 

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Regular Maintenance 

Maintenance is crucial for ensuring long-lasting safety and keeping everything in order. Without it, there is a risk that machinery and equipment are not properly cared for, meaning they could malfunction and put you, your coworkers, or even customers and clients, in danger. 

It’s important to establish a consistent office maintenance schedule. You can ask about this when visiting a potential workplace to see how they approach faulty equipment. If you already work there and are concerned about the maintenance schedule, speak to your manager about arranging something more consistent. 

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Suitable Workplace Equipment

Similarly, you should expect suitable workplace equipment that enables you to do your job safely and efficiently. If you work in a lab, a bench top fume hood is essential, especially when working with chemicals. On the other hand, office workers should expect comfortable chairs and desks that prevent back strain and posture issues. If you are a warehouse operator, steel-toe boots, safety gloves, and eye goggles can all mitigate safety concerns and protect you. 

Clear Safety Procedures 

Every workplace should have a detailed list of safety procedures, especially for common problems such as fires or electrical faults. However, it’s not enough to simply have these procedures. Instead, you carry out regular drills so everyone knows what to do. If you hire new workers, give them a quick induction, but also hold a fire drill so they know what to do. 

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Worker Wellness Programs 

Besides everyday workplace safety, businesses should also prioritize worker wellness. This issue revolves around mental health and helping your team overcome burnout and anxiety. 

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While not all businesses can provide therapists, they can work alongside workers to identify potential mental health issues and give them the support they need. This support could include remote working to help manage their work-life balance. 

Thorough Training 

Everyone should undergo thorough training before starting a new job. During your interview, it’s worth asking about how long this training will take, even if you’re already familiar with the equipment or processes the company uses. 

Ideally, you should work with health and safety training experts who can offer advice and guidance regarding the best safety procedures at any workplace. The rest of your team should also take refresher courses, especially if they have worked there for a long time as they may have forgotten some of the more nuanced requirements. 

Safe Workplace 

Everyone is entitled to a safe workplace. If you are starting a new job or even shopping around for a career change, remember these points and consider them when visiting offices or work premises. If you feel uneasy at any point, it could be a sign that this is not the right job for you.

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