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Affiliate Marketing, as well as 5G Tech Insight

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We’re always sharing things as we communicate. “Have you seen this app?”, “Have you seen this movie?”, “Did you check out that place to eat yet?”, “Take a look at this crypto” and so on.

Whether you’re telling people about something in terms of word of mouth, texting, emailing, voice calling, direct messaging, and etc. You’re most likely missing out on profits, because many people simply share something because they obviously like it or love it, or have gotten excited about that which they have discovered or have been utilizing. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that people are getting paid for what they share. Simply put, people are walking billboards in terms of market capitalization. Don’t get too caught up or upset with this terminology, learn to leverage your network and/or skillsets when it comes to sharing for your profit and financial benefits.

The question now is: “How do I get paid for sharing?”

Affiliate marketing is the answer. You’ve seen advertisements and referral links for having an ability to share something that you think is of value with someone else that will also agree. We’ve all seen messages that go like this: “Share this with the people you love and receive discount/free service/membership/prize/etc.” By providing your personalized referral/affiliate link to others.

Basically, whatever you are utilizing, get a link for it (that has benefits attached to it) and share it. Why would you just tell someone about it without sharing your link? Get used to the idea of increasing your financial freedom. Everything adds up.

[digging through screenshots]
ShareASale dashboard via Vitaly Tennant

Here it is [screenshot I was looking for]. I discovered affiliate marketing a while ago, and at the time I was already making money online by sharing links. In this screenshot, back then, I simply wrote a post, and shared a link to wordpress templates I was using, and someone who saw my link, clicked on it, and purchased it. I got paid that day, and I knew I was on to something. As mentioned, affiliate links are now used for pretty much everything.

ShareASale has been around since 2000 and has tens of thousands of merchants. You can simply create yourself an account, and share anything you’d like with your audience. From hosting, plugins, tech, clothes, groceries, cbd, and everything else that you may think of. The best part is once you figure out what you’d like to sell, then an affiliate link is generated for you with different media files as well, that you can share, and those who utilize your referral (affiliate) link will benefit, and for doing so, you also get paid via a commission structure designed by the merchant.

Statistics from Appsero show that ShareASale holds the largest share of the global affiliate marketing market with a 55% market share. Rakuten Linkshare is the second-favorite affiliate network for marketers with a 40% market share, followed by Avangate with a 31% share.

ClickBank is a great platform to utilize in terms of digital files. It is one of the largest affiliate network sites online, with thousands of digital products to choose from in almost every niche. There are plenty of trusted products, however, finding them takes a bit of time and research. With a well-documented knowledge base for both vendors and affiliates, it has reliable payments with regular direct payments to affiliates. Payments are always made on time. As well as payment control options to set your own payment threshold. ClickBank provides insight tools with a range of powerful and useful product insight, research, and reporting tools.

Of course, there are many great affiliate programs, such as Izea [I had a blast at their pre-IPO event at Disney], Amazon, Shopify, and Commission Junction to name a few.

All I am saying is this, if you have any type of service or product that you’re utilizing (or looking to publish), instead of just saying “hey you should use this or that”, add your affiliate/referral link with your communication.

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Affiliate marketing is a system where an affiliate marketer can earn a commission for marketing someone else’s service or product. The affiliate marketer searches for a service/product they enjoy and then promotes that product or service to earn a part of the profit from each sale.

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Affiliate Marketing Stats:

  • It’s estimated that 80% of brands have affiliate programs.
  • Affiliate marketing spending is projected to grow by over 10% in the next couple of years.
  • Globally, the USA has the largest market share in the affiliate industry, with over 39% share.
  • Affiliate marketing accounts for over 16% of all eCommerce orders in the USA and Canada.
  • Nearly 65% of affiliate marketers worldwide generate traffic by blogging alone.
  • Affiliate marketing accounts for over 15% of all digital media revenue.
  • Statistics reveal that 94% of publishers use multiple affiliate marketing networks.

Affiliate marketing statistics from BloggingX reveal that the industry is currently estimated to be worth $12 billion usd. This trend is additional proof that affiliate marketing is becoming a massive global industry.

Affiliate marketing spending forecast in the United States via

According to Statista, affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry, and spending in the U.S. alone is expected to reach over $8 billion usd by 2022. This is more than triple what it was just ten years earlier when it took off. This trend shows that affiliate marketers will likely continue to thrive in 20XX going forward.

According to Unicode, trends reveal that the affiliate industry is responsible for about 16% of online orders. The number might seem insignificant compared to other marketing techniques; however, this number is still substantial. For example, paid searches drive 20% of online orders, which is nearly the same as other techniques such as email marketing.

Number of affiliate networks publishers work with in the U.S. via

Investopedia reported that Amazon offers between 5 and 12 percent commissions from affiliate sales. What’s unique about this program is it offers variable commission rates for specific products. Easy-to-sell items have a lower commission (usually 5 percent), while luxury products that cost more (usually thousands of dollars) come with a much higher rate.

Affiliate marketing statistics from Fetch Profits reveal that affiliate marketing is responsible for 16% of global eCommerce sales globally. Breaking down this stat shows that almost 2 out of 5 eCommerce sales in the world happen because of successful affiliate marketers.

Based on these trends and statistics, it’s clear to see that affiliate marketing is a big industry beaming with opportunities. It has turned the internet into a global sales powerhouse projected to thrive for years to come. For online communication, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate passive and/or residual income. For those new to affiliate marketing, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. There’s a whole lot to gain, and nothing to lose, simply invest your time into it. Affiliate marketing has a lot to offer for entrepreneurs of all sorts, including companies to publish their own services and products on affiliate networks mentioned.

5G tech insight

Now, onto 5G real quick. [back many years ago, I have been involved with cell phone services and products for about 5 years with a company called Cell Phone Technicians (CPT) back in 2007 and I have personally worked on close to 5,000 mainboards] In any case, we’ve all heard of and have seen 5G (term) towers going up and outdated ones being upgraded.

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Thanks to 5G technology everything is about to skyrocket, and this is a huge opportunity for investors. The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is an umbrella term for a number of standards organizations which develop protocols for mobile telecommunications. Its best known work is the development and maintenance of:

  • GSM and related 2G and 2.5G standards, including GPRS and EDGE.
  • UMTS and related 3G standards, including HSPA and HSPA+.
  • LTE and related 4G standards, including LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro.
  • 5G NR and related 5G standards.
  • An evolved IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) developed in an access independent manner.

Basically, there isn’t a one particular company that owns the 5G network… it’s a conglomerate, where some companies have a larger piece of the pie of 5G than others.

By 2025, 5G networks are likely to cover one third of the world’s population. The impact on the mobile industry and its customers will be immense. 5G is more than a new generation of technologies; it denotes a new era in which connectivity will become increasingly fluid and flexible. 5G networks will adapt to applications and performance will be tailored precisely to the needs of the user. Working closely with the mobile operators pioneering 5G, companies are engaging with smart cities, governments, vertical industries including automotive, financial services, blockchains, healthcare providers, transport operators, utilities and other industry sectors to develop business cases for 5G.

Networks that operate fully on 5G standards have faster throughput speeds, much lower latency (responsiveness of remote computers), higher connection density, more reliability, and greater flexibility. This will improve the mobile user experience and lead to new services and businesses. Enhanced multistream video, augmented reality (AR), or high definition videoconferencing, is the easiest to develop. The low latency of 5G will also make cloud gaming and better AR devices feasible.

5G Stats:

  • According to researchers, about 1.5 billion people will have access to 5G by 2024 (
  • The Ericsson Mobility Report revealed that by 2024 at least 65% of the world’s population will have used 5G (
  • 5G is not just rolled out, it is already going big. NFL stadiums are already serving as a testing ground for 5G (
  • Experts believe 5G is more than a speed boost. It is being referred to as the foundational tech that’ll rev up the adoption of technologies like virtual and augmented reality (
  • According to Ericsson, there are around 1 billion cellular IoT connections worldwide, a good-enough reason why 5G operators are increasing deployments (
  • According to another report, 5G subscriptions are expected to push past 1.9 billion by 2024 (
  • The big four; AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon have already launched mobile 5G in some of the metro areas of the States (
  • One of the business side benefits of shifting to 5G is its ability to inspire “Industry 4.0”, the fourth industrial revolution (
  • According to a report, 5G networks will be responsible for 35% of total global mobile traffic by 2024 (
  • Several space organizations are progressively emerging as 5G trendsetters. SpaceX, for instance, has already been licensed to deploy at least 23,000 Starlink internet satellites (and recently applied for 50,000 more) (
  • 5G will nudge the use of autonomous cars and trucks, improving safety on the roads and facilitating growth in the sharing economy (
  • In India, 5G is predicted to arrive by 2022 and will account for around 9% of total mobile subscriptions by the end of 2024 (
  • Tech experts around the world believe that 5G will have a fundamental impact on VR and AR development and usage as well… spurring increased use of the technology (
  • Disney and Verizon, two big players, announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year their 5G based partnership for product innovation (
  • According to Intel’s report, 5G mobile gaming revenue by 2028 is expected to reach $100 Billion usd (
  • With 5G, gamers will be able to experience augmented reality using their own smartphones wherever they are, without having to use additional devices (
  • Users are most likely to undergo nausea in VR if the latency goes above 20 ms. However, with 5G’s sub-2 ms or sub-5 latency, the user experience will be ‘top-notch’ (
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Utilizing 5G, businesses will be able to collect vast amounts of data from more numerous remote devices, store and work with that data in the cloud, and control operations remotely. Private networks and better connections will also let them reimagine the design of office spaces, factories, and stores; and how their workers interact within each. Metaverses benefit tremendously with raised uploads and increased usability. Including the space sector where TCP/IP improvement is inevitable.

With Wherewithal Investment Research | WIR, I’m current with software and technology developments and trends in many niches; as you can imagine, being an investor, with the number of companies that are expanding and emerging, it’s an opportune time to increase portfolio allocation when it comes to profits for subscribers and readers of WIR.

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The 5G future is here. Years in the making, the long-buzzed-about fifth generation of wireless connectivity has become a reality, ushering in an era of radical new possibilities in many industries. Innovative use cases such as autonomous drones and smart city ecosystems promise increased efficiency and productivity for everyone involved, and pervasive benefits across the globe.

5G global impact via WIR, Wherewithal Invest Research from

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