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Richmond, Virginia; RVA

While it’s not complicated for me to explain all facets of my marketing, I prefer all types of techniques.

Most people don’t care about the process… they just want to see the results.

And I don’t blame them.

Many publications before and after continue.

I have clients around the globe that wish to stand out; influence, and receive lasting results. Their goals are fulfilled via strategic roadmaps.

Too many people try to blend in; when in reality, finding your unique way and voice is the key to any successful campaign/marketing/advertising creation.

vitaly tennant twitter style weekly best of richmond virginia va rva

The impactful part I liked about this particular presence is that it was before one could buy followers/likes/etc., even before services like Fiverr. And on that note, when this publication was released, the marketing I experienced to gain this growth was truly inspiring.

Since then I’ve rebranded vitalyvt to entrepreneur_cm Twitter account to simply have the community of entrepreneurs live on in association with which I’m continually involved with.

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I did so because Google+ was shut down due to lack of funding (not that Google is lacking money, but extra department space of what was intended at the time) due to continuous security breaches. You can read more about it on Wall Street Journal (WSJ): article 1 here and article 2 here. This of course is the evolution of marketing and blending of social media concepts.

Don’t be shy! Follow entrepreneur_cm on Twitter and let’s continue to stay in touch.

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