Reality with Blockchains, IPFS, and Smart Cities Understanding | 1

Reality with Blockchains, IPFS, and Smart Cities Understanding

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Rationalizing the fact that we travel to Mars as a human civilization, and did not evolve on Mars as is believed to be an evolution on Earth by many, this raises enlightenment and awareness.

Reality with Blockchains, IPFS, and Smart Cities Understanding | 2
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Statistical mashup is a collection of data, and by looking at the statistics of global population, it can be seen that the Earth’s population stabilizes at about 11.5 billion people around the year 2100. Taking into consideration the fact that humans have surpassed 8 billion people for the first time of our civilization in the year 2022, is a historic step.

It takes up to 38 weeks for a human to have a child; for statistical ciphering, as a logical example, if 4 billion adults of the human population have a child, then in about 38 weeks, Earth’s population would be around 10 billion people in that timeframe.

Taking into account that there are approximately 135 million deaths a year, towards the year 2100, Earth will see more than 9 billion human deaths.

The meaning of life could be what one envisions in the eternal now.


Cryptography has existed most likely since the year 1900 BC and began as a form of writing since people could not necessarily read, and was a way to transcend messages. This holds true now by many computing languages.

Cryptocurrencies are not a new concept today, there are more than 1,000 blockchains which hold more than 25,000 cryptocurrencies, and on more than 650 exchanges.

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) was released in 2015, and is exhibiting similar characteristics of blockchains.

These innovations are exceptionally important to understand because they are becoming a collective consciousness.

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Foreseeable Future Minting, It’s Forever

Right now, an individual can go on to most web3 platforms, or dApps, and mint any content that they have chosen to share. These words may sound nonchalant, although for the general population it has to be understood that when you mint, or publish something that is on a blockchain, it is stored permanently, as in forever, as long as there is energy in a form of electricity. Meaning, that when you publish something on IPFS, you have the original data (file), and then a number of hosts (collectors), just like a blockchain. Understanding the rarity, specialty, and uniqueness of non-fungible-tokens known as NFTs you may choose to not have that data because then it adds more value to the collectors. If you are wondering what happens to that NFT that you collected that you no longer want in your collectible library you can always send it to a burn address, although it is no longer accessible by you, or anyone when you do this, it can still be seen (via traces of hashes), and since you no longer have it, the volume of those that were collected previously have now decreased in quantity, in turn, increase the value of those who still have theirs.

To simplify, if you are on OnlyFans and are going through persona, or midlife changes, whatever you mint on the blockchain, and/or IPFS that is collected by others, observably, if you delete the data and/or file from all your devices, other people still have it. And if you so choose, the only way for you to get rid of this data is to contact the individuals, pay them, or whatever else you may think of to remove the final file. It may be easier to go back to your original gender if you chose to become a transsexual, unless you minted that as well. This example, and many more, give you ideas of either success or failure one may experience with the current technologies and sciences.

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Intelligence of Smart

Smart cities are becoming more relevant, and smart communities can be seen everywhere, with smart houses monitoring many applicable lifestyle initiatives. As the human population increases in size, it is valid to comprehend epigenetics, due to being environmental, and eugenics, which are heading to be more supplemental. At least every human has experienced sleep paralysis once in their lifetime, and it’s normal for people to experience a suicidal thought every once in a while during their lifetime. Although suicidal thoughts may come around every once in a while, they are not normal to have everyday and all the time by those who are less open minded, and become a burden to society by continuously exhibiting these vibes. Humans that have taken their mindset to the comfortable idea of moving on and/or passing on via death, always could, and there is no way of stopping this legally. This is accomplished by going to locations that do this, after all, we have surpassed 8 billion people on Earth, with around 197 countries, and more than 7,200 languages. Moving on and/or passing on pods (that do just that) of various names have been voted and verified in countries that give way for humans to come or go to serenity via their own understanding of free will, and death. With privacy at stake, we as humans, who are good, and optimistic have to own our own deaths, whether it’s of old age, or with a push of a button.

Upon understanding wisdom, and literature, it is said that with higher consciousness, the capacity for suffering increases too.

Among many problems, and issues, much of Earth’s real estate is taken up by cemeteries. There are tombs, and graveyards from as new as today, to thousands of years old. Cemeteries are one of the major areas where deforestation occurs, and are inaccessible, cemeteries are one of the largest land consuming areas.

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Paranormal is a topic of its own exploration. Individuals such as the 14th Dalai Lama, meaning that if every Dalai Lama has lived to 100 years of age on average, then 14th would be 1,400 years that reincarnation has been passed on generationally. At our current age there are yogis living in caves and breaking records as the yogis before them, single handedly coming out of the wilderness from living without any human interaction for longer than 37 years, and so forth. From cabals to non-playable characters (NPCs) there is a hypnotic rhythm. Consequently, a Vatican priest, Father Martin met with the 14th Dalai Lama to share ideas. The spontaneity of lightning is just that, spontaneous. Father Martin died while taking a shower by being struck by lightning. The recorded consecutive lightning strikes to the Vatican when Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI had his term, and then stepping down thereafter. Every location and geolocation has their share of those who are spiritually informed (or misinformed), and those who are religiously informed (or misinformed). All are needed to differentiate between the good and the bad.

Congressional events have, and are taking place about the information of not so uncommon phenomena we call unidentified aerial phenomena / phenomenon (UAPs) of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) which are not all reverse engineered by Earth’s humans all over the world.

Reality with Blockchains, IPFS, and Smart Cities Understanding | 3
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Summarizing the Context

Nothing new is being presented via this context, except a way of understanding to being open minded as the human civilization is experiencing spiritual, technological, scientific, and on adherence. As one would notice variously from this view of innovation.

Every individual has the mindset to wield their will, utilizing the information, data, statistics, and content to enjoy life, and all aspects of it, to the capacity of knowing that enlightenment and awareness are in constant motion. 

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Wisdom knows the able limits of things.