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Societal Constructs: Relationships And Dating

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Societal norms are unequivocally misunderstood when it comes to communicative adherence of humans interacting to be with each other sexually, romantically, and long-term. In today’s age, an individual does not have to be married to experience the values of an honest, trustworthy, and loyal partner. Marriageability holds meaning; marriage has traditional, ceremonial, festive, and lasting values. This article’s simplistic terminology is of optimistic nature. Let’s dive in, there is a lot of fucking to discuss.

Those born past the year 2000 are breaching adult levels due to the fact that the brain develops from back to frontal lobes and completes its physical formulation at the age of 25; in humans, reasoning, and cognitive functions are the last to develop. Thereafter, additional recognition of energies, frequencies, and vibrations align roles in the life of all individuals. 

The use of the very first touchscreen was implemented in the year 2007, now almost everyone has a smartphone and a variation of a touchscreen, however this does not indicate intelligence just because you have a smart device. You may have a gym membership, however this also does not indicate physical health, unless the gym is being used.

Societal Constructs of Relationships and Dating | 2
Statical Backdrop

The statistical mashup shows many necessary statistics to recognize certain factors. It can be seen from the gender chart that 68% are men and women, then the breakdown of many gender identities from agender to queer to transgender to multiple gender identities. From this statistic, LGBT takes its share off of 68%. Upon a 40 year study of monogamy, its success rate is only between 13-16% within the first year, it improves at a slower pace until the 5th year and on are reached, meaning that the probability of breaking up the first year is around 81%, this statistic decreases as the monogamous relationship ensues with an ongoing length of couples staying together.

Monogamy And Polygamy Can Be Variable

Monogamy is not gender specific, it is two individuals deciding to be together for the foreseeable future. Polygamy is not a new area of discussion, as it has been in existence since humans interacted in larger communities, it is seen from Islam and Muslim statistics, where a husband can have up to four wives. Is anyone counting after four wives? And will gender equality ever be reached? Muslim women cannot have up to 4 husbands like men do. The Muslim religion equates to 1.8 Billion people, in the past 5 years more than 300 million people have joined this religious movement globally. Hindus can marry as young as the age of 13, arranged marriages designate the center role in the Hindu lifestyle. Interestingly, Mahatma Gandhi lost his virginity at the age of 10, a man who has given independence to India, with a Hindu population of more than 1.2 Billion people. Statistically, arranged marriages carry a 78% success rate, however women often complain due to harsh conditions, abuse, and overall mistreatment by their husbands in Hindu households. For a number of Hindu women getting work as men do, followed by divorcing from abusive relationships (chronologically unimportant) is like receiving tickets to heaven in real life. With more than 4 Billion people living with these statistics, Muslims can marry as young as puberty, undoubtedly holding virginity in mind unto death with 31-72 virgins waiting for them in heaven. Combining these statistics with LGBT there is no shortage for improvement, after all, monogamy and polygamy are not gender specific.

Heterosexuality And LGBT+ Differentiation

Heterosexuality is the ongoing guidance. In an LGBT relationship someone has to wear the pants and/or the dress in the communion. Can a male be a mother? Can a female be a father? Can a tree be your soulmate? Heterosexual individuals are always first in the hierarchy of adoption. Sterile people exist. With technological and scientific improvements many conception formulations are applicable, categorization and sortation are continually improving. Scientifically it has been confirmed that individuals who know multiple languages have a higher intelligence quotient (IQ), multilingual people are able to interpret more data in forms of information worldwide. Verifying statistical mashup’s 40 years of monogamy between couples, those of the same gender tune out of the opposite sex as the monogamy timeline lengthens, designating lower IQ, think sentience. Furthermore, LGBT will never reach the capacity of heterosexuality.

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It does not matter what color the wheel is, what it is made from, or its size, it is round and it will always do what it’s meant to do.

Generational Breakdown

As the lengths of human ages expand, Pew Research Center periodically updates its age ranges. The following generations are:

  • The Silent Generation: Born 1928-1945 (78-95 years of age)
  • Baby Boomers: Born 1946-1964 (59-77 years of age)
  • Gen X: Born 1965-1980 (43-58 years of age)
  • Millennials: Born 1981-1996 (27-42 years of age)
  • Gen Z: Born 1997-2012 (11-26 years of age)
  • Gen Alpha: Born early 2010s-2025 (0-about 10 years of age)
Dating Is Misinterpreted

Dating truly begins when an individual gets into a relationship, then you are dating each other.

There are many levels of discussions that take place when it comes to seeing people, this article has simplified this for you, after all there is value in individuals who can unconfuse individuals.

Upon creating a dating profile, you have certainly come across the aforementioned genders, and relationship types, there are many for people to choose from.

Dating and relationship(s) apps from former True dating app for instance to current Match, including and some being publicly traded companies are always receiving users. For occurrence, a career professional dating app The League advertises itself with a recent commercial that shows a couple getting into a car and then having the car bump up and down nonstop, everyone knows what happens when individuals date (they have sex), however, is this a dating professional career ad or an OnlyFans commercial? PornHub being a porn ecosystem at the website’s forefront, and a content blog at the backend of its site. Alternatively, OnlyFans, a self-proclaimed porn star platform has the content post area at the forefront, with porn being at the backend. Porn is not a bad thing, bad porn is, porn releases tension, minimizing rape and sexual assaults globally.

Societal Constructs of Relationships and Dating | 3
Sex Is Necessary For Those Who Are Not Asexual

Many individuals seek to have sex rather than subscribe to sexual content online, websites such as AdultFriendFinder have more than 17 Million members that do just that. From one on one get togethers to orgies in most locations individuals meetup to have sex; everyday people that you normally see offline, online, work, stores, gyms, bars, clubs, meetings, and on. Monogamous people can go to an orgy if they would like to explore, they just have sex with each other. Everyone makes choices and decisions, then they have to live with the decisions and choices made. Any and every sexual pleasure you can think of is accessible to all. However this is just sex, you will not be in a relationship from communities such as AdultFriendFinder. For instance when an individual becomes a delivery driver, they drive more, making them prone to more accidents, it’s only natural. Sexual transmitted diseases are something to acknowledge, always use your own condoms. Test for STDs regularly, on many occasions you are required to show your STD test that is not older than 3 months for threesomes, etc. It is recommended to be much sooner than the mentioned time frame for any type of sexual activities. A male can look at his penis and see a pimple or an ulcer for instance, then get it checked out by a physician, the male organ being on the outside, a female usually notices something as such in her vagina at a later time, usually more than two months (up to four months) later before having it examined by a physician, her female organ being on the inside. Nevertheless, having sex in the flesh is easier than ever due to the connectivity of the internet. Be sure to inform yourself with medical guidelines, and conduct your own research.

Acknowledging heterosexual sex via societal standards set in place; a male can enter a female into three sexual areas, vagina, mouth, and anus (anal), the latter holds absolutely no use, and is damaging by extensive long-term utilization. Meaning when there is a threesome taking place, you now have one male organ, and six sexual entry areas, foursome, nine entry areas, and on. Brands such as Dan Bilzerian create more lesbians than ever, and should be pairing cocks with pussies, why not have orgies with such regard?

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Actresses such as Megan Fox promote bisexuality, Fox is quoted in stating “I cannot be with a girl who has been with a boy, because boys are dirty.” Yet, having children with a male.

About 11% of all people do not know their actual father in the United States. In a room of 1,000 people, 112 people do not know their real father. In an area of 100,000 people about 11,002 people do not know their actual father, and so on as numbers increase. This raises concern within families due to mismatch in characteristics, and personalities.

Applications such as Hinge are making progress due to marketing of an app that is meant to be deleted. An applicable concept, since after a few dates, hopefully you have found what you are looking for and there is no longer a need for a dating app. Ostensibly, it emphasizes on dating more with the in-app questions.

More people are noticing that dating does not entail a meaningful relationship because they are not in a relationship yet. People use dating apps for sex mostly. Do not overlook ecosystems such as Tawkify, a website that is designed to match you with your suitable partner via its own database. Whether you are looking to have a family, children, marriage, spiritual, religious criteria and on, depending on your understanding, where you are in life and what you seek, this platform is applicable. Tawkify does not allow you to scroll through suitable individuals on your own (enhancing outcomes optimistically), it is discrete and precise to give you the results you are looking for via their professional matchmakers. Observably, it asks more dating questions rather than relationship questions, and needs more heterosexual relationship experts to fine-tune its matching.

Relationships Flourish When…

To be able to have a relationship you’ve been looking for and wanting, you just have to get it correct once. Then, do not mess it up. Your work is required all the time, each individual is responsible for their own 100% of the effort to make the relationship work. It is not 50/50. Set goals and have an adherence (from dating destinations to having your own home, you get the idea), you keep it 100 and your spouse/partner keeps it 100, you and your partner/spouse are then headed in the same direction; although beware, if one of the parallel lines is off by an inch, in years time you will be off by miles from each other, then failure ensues.

When it comes to longevity for those who succeed in a relationship, are those who sell relationships and not dating. We’re all here because someone had sex. More emphasis on relationships is what gets results.

You may not like to cut your nails, trim your eyebrows, and cut your hair whenever grooming is needed, yet it must be done, similarly, certain aspects in a monogamous relationship are the same with ongoing upkeep. No one really complains about drinking water, monogamy is the same, when compared to an analogy of liquids. Do not just go through life together, grow through life together.

Quantifiably People Are Sexually Misinformed

Theatrics aside, LGBT and its branches are uninformative. The male prostate exists for heterosexual sex only, the sperm ejaculates from testicles, passing through the male prostate in preparation for vaginal entrance. For instance, an analogy would be of a car going through a car wash, similarly sperm are prepared to compete among themselves after being synthesized (by passing through the male prostate) to meet with the female egg, while one of the female eggs is on the same mission. Females confuse squirting and gushing with female ejaculation, gushing and/or squirting is urine, it comes directly from the bladder. Female secretion is ejaculated from the female prostate (exists for heterosexual sex) and is white to transparent in color. Both of these instances have absolutely nothing to do homosexual or lesbian sex. Homosexuals only have oral and anal sex. Lesbians only have oral, vaginal, and anal sex, rubbing against each other of the latter. What is in the anus? What is achieved by external vaginal rubbing?

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The B for bisexual in LGBT+ involves multiple individuals, and is anti-monogamy. Transgender is changing gender and doing the previously mentioned sexually. Plus, anyone can get breast implants, by anyone, meaning any-one and everyone, similarly with hormones, sexual organs with either subtraction and/or addition.

Societal construct is form, be pro-choice. Additionally, support differs from pro-choice, you may be pro-choice to prostate massages (anal fisting); yet not support a prostate massage regarding you and yours, medically and holistically, colonoscopy is advised.

Societal Constructs of Relationships and Dating | 4
Education Comes Before Relationships

The only two sexual organs that fill up with blood are the penis and the vagina (vaginal walls) for sexual intercourse, only two of these sexual organs self-lubricate individually via pre-cum, the penis and the vagina.

With so much at stake from relationship failures to gender and sex changes, it is only natural to understand what is entailed. Extended reality (XR) sex with males having fleshlights on and females having dildos in while exploring sexuality can cause unknown perils to the unaware. The United States is expected to have more adults than children for the first time ever with statistical data from the US Census already conducted, it is still never too late to be informed, and to improve. Individuals can reach a point of no return, including digging a hole deep enough to not be able to climb out of.

Do not be embarrassed about your future, the future is now, seek professional guidance necessary when it comes to being informed, conducting correct forms of sexuality, and societal family structures. The laws of association date back to 300 B.C. of Aristotle and are current today. To simplify these laws; when you interact with five straight people you become straight, when you interact with five homosexual people you become homosexual, when you interact with five lesbian people you become lesbian, etc.

The three important and imperative questions to ask before dating or on a date:

  1. Do you have any attachments? As in, are you seeing anyone?
  2. What do you like sexually?
  3. Do you see yourself with any other gender other than your own?

The questions aren’t the issues, the individuals answering them honestly, loyally, and truthfully are to validate. You can either be the solution, or the problem, when schooling ends, education does not.

Thereafter question include:

  • Do you have any STDs to be aware of?
  • Do you have children?
  • Can you have children?
  • Would you like to have children?
  • Et cetera.
Be Communicative

Communication is the affix to all relationships, it is the only social construct to validate a relationship you want to have, communication is desired if you’re already in a relationship.

Monogamy is valid to the mind being not the body, monogamy correlates with consciousness, avatars ensue. Polygamy is understood, yet not practical for longevity, it’s okay if you have multiple sexual partners, as long as you do not bleed at the same time. Not everyone wants to talk about relations that end with condom use. Sex is an exchange of bodily fluids.

Heterosexuality, monogamy, what it is to be a man, what it is to be a woman are under constant invasiveness and misinformation from all angles, numbers do not lie, people do. It is only smart to safeguard and expand society forward by applying informative guidance. Brain is the most sexual organ of all.